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Why should students and teachers wait years for technology?

At ET Learns, we believe they shouldn’t. In some parts of the developed world, schools use cloud computing, education software and learning games, educational videos and websites that revolutionize the learning experience for the students. In many other regions, however, students have no access to computers, internet, or even reliable textbooks.  At ET Learns we believe that every child deserves access to cutting-edge, twenty-first century education technology, no matter where they live, how much money they make, or who they are. Our mission is to ensure that students in rural and underserved areas don’t have to wait decades to learn with the best.

ET Learns has a special connection to Ethiopia. We are run by a small group of former volunteers who served in several regions of Ethiopia.  Their service was mostly as teachers in local schools and universities. Betty and Bill Graff organized ET Learns to carry on the volunteering efforts that began in the 1960’s.  Since then, ET Learns delivered over 300,000 new books to school libraries.  With the advent of electronic learning, ET Learns also began to deliver digital books and education materials to the schools.  As technology advanced, so did ET Learns.

With these pioneer projects completed and being tracked, ET Learns then looked to the future.  Currently several active projects are being implemented, all designed to better Ethiopian schools using technology.  Advancing with technology, ET Learns plans to use educational content servers, chromebooks, local intranet connections, and much more to provide Ethiopian students the twenty-first century education they deserve.

If we can do it in Ethiopia, we can do it anywhere.

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