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African Information Technology is finding new breath with the recently founded group “iceaddis.”  As a tech hub, at this organization people come together to innovate, start and collaborate on projects, and explore new horizons in Information Technology–together.

This pioneer group in Ethiopia reflects the current trend to demand more modern and accessible technology throughout all of Ethiopia.  The group has the potential to impact businesses and even education.  Youth comprise a large portion of the group and seem to have the energy and drive to stimulate change in African Information Technology across the continent.

The Ethiopian Government is even helping, announcing a $250 million grant for information technology called Ethio ICT.

This movement will be key to innovating all sectors of Ethiopian economy and could create positive fall-out in government organizations and even the educational sector as youth get excited about African informational technology and have a ready-made, razor-sharp organization to look up to.

(based on an article by Steven Blum, found: Here.)

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