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Will Africa stay bookless?

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A recent BBC article (see here) discussing the technology culture of Africa caught ET Learns’ attention.  Will Africa stay book-less?

Internet usage has been increasing steadily across the globe, but in Africa it has grown at an astonishing rate.  While Africa has long been criticized as a society where reading books is not valued, some say that Africa is a “pre-book society.” How could we help Africa read more?  We need to put the books where Africans are already going: technology. Innovators and nonprofits are trying to capitalize on internet usage and e-books to encourage reading in a fast and adaptable way.

Reading on smartphones, laptops, and any other internet device may be the future for underdeveloped places. Smartphones have a particularly large impact as their price keeps decreasing and popularity increasing. Many popular titles are now available online. Some African publishers are moving to publish online even before a print version.  This helps to lower costs, increase efficiency and expand their reader-base.

What does this mean for Ethiopia? Ethiopia has already diversified its technological sector and plans to continue to expand.  Technology projects are being launched all over and there is a rich, untapped potential in rural Ethiopia.  The government contributes millions of dollars to technology projects and wants to see more progress.

This country-wide vision matches perfectly with ET Learns mission and goals.  Our projects have always emphasized reading as a path to education and progress. See: Books for Ethiopia.  We have donated E-books and now deliver the whole package with our Chromebook Learning Labs.  Want to find out more? Check out the rest of our site!

Michael DomanWill Africa stay bookless?

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