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Contributing to the Technology Shift in Ethiopia

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In an article written for All Africa titled “Ethiopia: How Technology Is Shifting Everything”, Eden Sahle explains how technology is making life and business easier and allowing for more innovation.

Businesses and organizations must rely on technology more and more in order to be competitive in a global market. They must keep up with new innovations and work to create new and more exciting offers for their customers in order to stay ahead.

In Ethiopia, this is especially true–many organizations realized that they must be advancing technologically to stay ahead. As Sahle explains, “Countries like Ethiopia are advancing in tech to be competitive in the continent as well as globally.”

Sahle then continues to write that 

…capturing the benefit of technology demands considerable dedication and a proactive approach.

ET Learns is another organization in Ethiopia working to take the benefits of technology and apply them to education, taking a dedicated and proactive approach to learning. ET Learns is using technology to shift the way we approach education in Ethiopia by providing Ethiopian schools with efficient, low-cost tech resources. All students should have access to education and technology. As technology becomes more and more important in Ethiopia, ET Learns continues to work to give Ethiopian students a chance to access technological resources.

If you are interested in helping be part of helping students in Ethiopia, check out our donation page and please reach out by emailing us [email protected]

Tinesha ZandamelaContributing to the Technology Shift in Ethiopia

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