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Does Educational Technology Work in Ethiopia?

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Ethiopian students and teachers love technology. That is why we are so proud of the progress we have made in giving schools access to modern educational technology in the form of ‘Learning Labs’. These labs provide students and teachers access to technology, digital learning tools, and online resources. But what do students actually think of the Learning Labs? Our local representative, Ashenafi, went to the schools to find out. Below are the experiences of actual students from Liqa Secondary School in southern Ethiopia.

Habtamu is finishing grade 9. He told us that he spends all of his free time in the Learning Lab because he can learn not only at his own grade level but also study more advanced material as well. Habtamu said that this has “encouraged him to become an innovator in the future”. His learning has dramatically excelled, “all thanks to the lab.”

Habtamu, Grade 9

Keamlaknesh, in grade 8, tells us a similar story. She spends at least two hours in the lab every day and says that it helps her to catch up on material she missed, and allows her to understand the content in more detail. “I especially like Khan Academy,” she says, “because they show everything in practice.” Keamlaknesh wants to be a neurologist in the future and spends most of her time in the lab studying biology.

Keamlaknesh, Grade 8

Access to 21st-century educational technology has changed the entire learning process for students in Liqa. New opportunities are emerging, and students are able to more fully utilize their potential. Explore to learn more about our Learning Labs, see where our partner schools are located, and see firsthand the potential of Ethiopian students and teachers.


Jack DavisDoes Educational Technology Work in Ethiopia?

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