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ET Learns Believes “The importance of technology in African schools is vital”

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In an opinion piece written in IT News Africa titled “The importance of technology in African schools is vital”, the writer discusses the need for technology in education. While this piece focuses specifically on South Africa, its message applies to Ethiopia as well.

This article explains:

Many local and African schools are at a disadvantage due to a lack of access to technology, a key component of today’s increasingly digital society where almost 25 million South Africans have access to the Internet.

How does this connect to the work ET Learns is doing? 

ET Learns is actively working to make sure African students, specifically Ethiopian students, have access to technology in education. As this article points out, the connection to today’s “digital society” is crucial, especially for young students.

ET Learns creates classrooms known as “Learning Labs”; these classrooms are full of Chromebook computers, plus educational content and videos. In Liqa High in July, a Learning Lab was installed, allowing teachers and students to join the digital community by way of education.

What do teachers and students at the high school think about the learning labs? Read this testimonial from a Liqa High Teacher:

Using learning lab[s] makes teaching learning process [and] technology based. As I have seen while presenting the lesson most of students are participating more…it makes the lesson more clear and precise. In addition to this, it minimizes the burdens of teachers by making teaching learning process student-centered…the only thing that expected from each teacher is facilitating the things to be well and observing the students. Not only this but also when I asked some students after the lesson, they responded that learning by electronic learning is supporting us more. Since I am [a] mathematics teacher, I have to use it properly because there are so many solved problems both algebraic and geometric. Finally, I would like to say thank you for supporting us to use electronic learning.

The work we do is not about us. We install Learning Labs and work to improve education for the students and the teachers that need it in Ethiopia. Hearing what a difference technology has made for teachers is important.

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Tinesha ZandamelaET Learns Believes “The importance of technology in African schools is vital”

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