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Technology and Higher Education in Ethiopia

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Esri, a company that works in smart mapping, announced an agreement between their company and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to install geospatial software at 30+ Ethiopian public universities. You can read the full article here.

These universities will now have high-speed internet, online training courses, teaching resources, and global data sources. These technological resources will be incredibly important in advancing higher education in Ethiopia. As technology advances and makes major strides especially in a global marketplace, introducing new technology into higher education will allow students to gain skills they will need as they advance in their education and begin to enter the workforce.

Why is this so important to us? ET Learns commits to offering technology to young students in Ethiopia. Technology, as ET Learns demonstrates, is crucial in connecting Ethiopian students to more of the world. Our work is to start students accessing these resources early. This gives them an opportunity to develop skills that can only be gained by using technology. Esri’s project is so exciting because they are working to make sure that the work that we do continues as the young students in our school advance in their education.

As noted in previous blog posts, ET Learns is excited to see other companies and organizations that strive to make learning in Ethiopia inclusive and innovative. We accomplish that by creating learning labs for students that allow young students to use technology in school.

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Tinesha ZandamelaTechnology and Higher Education in Ethiopia

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