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What Do Teachers and Students Think of Learning Labs?

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Wolaitta Liqa School teachers and students expressed their feeling on the generator and learning lab.

Below are some of their thoughts.

Atnafu Desu, an English teacher, explained the significant positive differences. He explained that they “started to do different activities continuously and effectively without any break as we are using [the] generator in the school. We are not faced with [a] power problem anymore.”

He continued to explain that it wasn’t easy to give listening activities for his students, but after he received the Chrome, “effective” listening activities were administered to his students. The device allowed teaching his students to be “easy” and were able to gain English speaking skills—hearing English from native speakers helped improve their accent.

Simon Tomas, an IT teacher expressed gratitude for the gift. He said that at “this time there is no power in Sodo town but in our school your gift, [the] generator is working”. It allowed “proper functional service for Liqa School” and let the students learn and teachers teach without interruptions.

Matusala Gona, an English teacher, said: “I am quite happy for having [an] alternative energy source in our school, [the] generator.” For example, at the school, they would print and duplicate Monday’s exam during one day of the week, but because of the lack of constant electricity, they were sometimes unable. Instead of waiting, they are using a generator that is preventing setbacks.

Eden Belete, a grade 9 female student and representative of my class said of the learning labs and generators: “I am very happy to have such modern learning equipment in our school…this week we learn math in this room and studied different subjects.  Really, I liked it very much.”


Tinesha ZandamelaWhat Do Teachers and Students Think of Learning Labs?

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