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What is the Ethiopia General Education Quality Improvement Project?

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The “Ethiopia General Education Quality Improvement Project” is a project that works to make sure Ethiopian students have the resources they need to obtain a quality education. To summarize, the goal is “improving learning conditions in primary and secondary schools and strengthening of institutions at different levels of educational administration.”

The World Bank approved the project in 2013 and it became effective in 2014. The project will continue on for 4 years. The project in the past few years accomplished some incredible work in Ethiopia with regards to education.



Photo courtesy of Global Partnership for Education and World Bank.


For example, according to their report, “more than 100,000 primary teachers are taking diploma upgrading training program, significantly reducing the share of primary teachers not having the required teacher training qualification standards.” They are also working to integrate technology into education.

The work they are doing is incredible. There are many people excited about expanding access and opportunities for students in Ethiopia, and it signals just how much Ethiopia is expanding and growing. ET Learns is always excited to hear about the work other organizations and institutions are doing in order to create more opportunities for learning for young people. All positive actions in Ethiopia for education will be magnified in the coming months and years as we continue to grow and expand. Our projects seek to ensure every student in Ethiopia has access to a quality education. Are you interested in being a part of this important project? Share our page and blog posts with your friends. Let them know what we are working on! You can also donate here.

Tinesha ZandamelaWhat is the Ethiopia General Education Quality Improvement Project?

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