Empowering Girls Through Education

With a female adult literacy rate of only 18%, few understand the need for accessible education better than Ethiopia’s young women.

As part of ET Learns’ ongoing mission to promote quality education in Ethiopia, we are excited to announce a renewed partnership the Wolaita Zone Education Department and the Ministry of Education to provide support for needy girls in multiple Wolaita schools. Many schools in the region already work to empower female students through girls’ clubs, and ET Learns is committed to supporting these groups. Our new effort is helping to double the number of girls in these clubs, and is working to provide them scholarships, school books, pens and pencils, uniforms, blankets, bed sheets, and personal hygiene products. 43 girls have already been selected to receive this assistance, and we hope to see that number continue to rise.


At a secondary school in Gacheno, one of the girls sponsored through this initiative received an academic award for excellence and 12 others report having money for school books, food, basic supplies, and even some initial savings. “We are so thankful” they happily respond, and advisors report great improvements among the girls.

Our goal at ET Learns is to help the students that need it the most, and we are fully committed to empowering girls and helping them expand their academic possibilities.