Seven New Learning Labs Installed

In keeping with our mission to provide modern educational technology to students and teachers in the most underserved parts of Ethiopia, ET Learns is excited this month to have installed seven new learning labs in Southern Ethiopia. The labs, in Badesa, Bale, Bugale Walelu, Humbo, Gacheno, Gasuba, and Shanto will serve more than 12,000 students each year.


These seven labs include more than 215 Chromebooks, and provide offline access to tools such as Khan Academy, Wikipedia for Students, PhET, e-textbooks, and Ethiopian educational videos. Thousands of students will now be able to use this cutting-edge educational technology every year as they prepare for higher education and career success, in addition to progressing toward Ethiopian national education goals.

One student said to us that the lab “encourages innovation and widens the ability to experiment” while another remarked that because of the lab she is “able to envision her future more clearly”.


The students are not the only ones excited about our new labs. A recent teacher capacity training was attended by the head of the zonal education department and the vice mayor, both of whom were anxious to see how this technology could encourage educational success.

ET Learns is committed to bringing students and teachers the cutting-edge technology they need, and we are thrilled to see this goal become a reality in seven new schools