Student Volunteers Drive Summer Lab Usage


For many students around the world, education goes on hold during the summer holiday. In nearly a dozen schools in Southern Ethiopia though, students decided to change that. Thanks to their volunteer efforts, our Learning Labs have been open all summer, allowing students to continue their learning year round.

This effort started as an idea from a handful of motivated students who saw that the Learning Labs were going to sit empty after the school year finished. With some planning and the enthusiastic support of their teachers, they were able to organize themselves so that each school would have at least one student intern responsible for managing the lab during the summer. This would then allow other students to come use the lab during their free time.


One of the best examples of this success is in Bedessa. Not only is the lab being used, but for the past few weeks, it has been filled to capacity, both morning and afternoon. Similarly, our lab in Gacheno is now being used everyday by students – the majority of which are girls.

Few things are more positive than seeing motivated students volunteer their time to encourage learning and education. We are hopeful that this pattern of usage will continue into the school year and into summers to come.