Ethiopia's Southern Nations – Our Focus


Here at ET Learns, we work to provide technology to underprivileged students and teachers in Ethiopia. But with a country of 100 million people, and a youth population of over 60 million, where does one begin?

Although ET Learns operates throughout Ethiopia, our current focus is Ethiopia’s Southern Nations (SNNPR), one of nine states in the country. Home to more than 20% of the total population, the Southern Nations contains forty different ethnic groups living and working side-by-side. While rich in culture, this area has historically faced challenges in education, infrastructure, and basic services. ET Learns founder Bill Graff explains more about this region where he has worked for the past several years: “[The Southern Nations] has been the area that has been ignored. Ten years ago it was one of the poorest and most disadvantaged places in the world.”

Today, however, the Southern Nations is ready to move forward into a brighter future. With 11 Learning Labs installed and many more to come, ET Learns is seeking to change the way the Southern Nations looks at technology and education.  By providing faster, newer, and more sustainable computers and networks directly to the students and schools we hope to encourage a future of great opportunity for as many students as possible.

Together, we can help Ethiopian students use modern ideas to achieve the age-old quest for education, jobs, and security in this ever-changing world.