Liqa Students Achieve Nationally Recognized Success

This month in Ethiopia, grade 12 students across the country took their much-anticipated university entrance exam – an important step along the road to attending university. As a notoriously difficult exam, students use every available resource to prepare. This can sometimes be a challenge though in more rural areas where academic resources are scarce.


To combat this problem, we placed many of these resources (including textbooks, educational videos, and more) on our Learning Lab servers, giving students access to materials they wouldn’t otherwise have. This is why we were so thrilled this week to learn that students in Liqa, Wolaita, scored 612/700 on their exams – the highest score in the region. In fact, the students were only a few points away from matching the highest score in the country.

This academic success is already having a direct impact on students there. Teachers report that Liqa is planning to send nearly 60 students to study medicine this year, with many more planning to study other fields. This type of success can change the course of a child’s future, and we hope to continue sharing these resources with as many students as we can.