After decades of service in Ethiopia, we have been a part of countless projects benefiting students and teachers.   

Learning Labs

We believe every student deserves access to modern educational technology. In accordance with this goal, ET Learns’ flagship project is the creation of 21st century “learning labs” within Ethiopian schools. These labs allow students to access important educational tools such as e-textbooks, Ethiopian educational materials, Khan academy videos, Wikipedia articles, and more – all without Internet access.

Each Learning Lab is equipped with a unique server that provides quality content at all times, regardless of Internet availability. In addition to the server, ET Learns supplies Chromebooks and projectors – everything students and teachers need for a 21st century education. These servers also allow people to bring and connect their own devices (such as smartphones), making an ET Learns lab an educational hub for the entire community.

See the map below for the locations of our labs and partner labs: