Power Up Ethiopia! School Generator Project

How long would you last without electricity? How would your life be different?

At Wolaita Liqa School in Sodo, Ethiopia, the students and teachers know the answer. For years this school, which serves the orphans and poor of the region, has had inconsistent and unreliable access to energy.  Although the school has a library, a science laboratory, and is installing an innovative Chromebook lab, power fluctuations make using these resources difficult and costly.  The students are often unable to work at night time and on the weekends. This limits teaching and homework time.

ET Learns wanted to help.  We, along with another generous donor, financed the purchase and installation of a 50KVA generator, along with the wires, generator house, breakers, and transportation costs.  This generator can power the whole school and provide reliable power.  This generator now powers:

  • 1 computer lab
  • 3 Science Labs (for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • 2 Libraries
  • 2 ICT centers
  • Student dormitories
  • Dining room
  • Reading rooms for exams
  • Several classrooms

Overall the projects currently helps over 500 students and its impact will increase through the generations.  All the project labor and supplies were purchased locally, allowing the funding to directly benefit the local community.

We received a letter from the school manager and he said the following:

Having a generator this time has great value for our school. It enables our students to use their time effectively, use library at night, use laboratory and Chromebooks properly as well as it will help the school to run its activities and programmes as planned